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Touch Typing for Children and Adults

The Educational typing tutor!

  • Developed by an Educational Psychologist
  • Designed for the UK National Curriculum
  • Extra Literacy benefits whilst teaching typing
  • Targets muscle memory - type without looking down
  • Unique colour coding designed for rapid learning
  • Multi-sensory design - see, hear, read, type
  • Special Needs friendly
  • Teacher Admin package for schools
  • Teaching typing for 25+ years in schools and at home
  • Built by award winning game designers making learning fun

Junior for 7-11 years.

Senior ages 12 - adult.

Who to contact

Contact Name
English Type
01557 870967
English Type website

Other Details


Service is Free
Schools can find more information on options on website. Home version £29.95 (single licence for everyone in the household) - No annual fee.
Last updated: 04 Dec 2020
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