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Winchmore Tutors

Aiming High short break services

Winchmore Tutors provide specialist tuition in core subjects to students across the country through both local authorities and schools.  We have dedicated Account Managers covering regional areas and a recruitment team to ensure our candidates meet our quality criteria and stringent compliance process.

The Account Managers work with clients to ensure the provision matches the needs of the students.  To assure we can do this we would request an EHCP (if applicable) or any non-confidential information from school’s or external agencies to maximise the provision and meet focus areas.

Our alternative provision packages are tailored to ensure the student’s transition back into a longer-term provision is smooth and the student feels confident enough to attend independently.  The majority of our students receiving alternative provision re-integrate back into full-time education.

We also provide supplementary tuition to students who require support to fill the gaps in specific subjects or need that additional boost before exams.

Tuition can take place at any location including school premises, libraries, remotely or the student’s home.

If students are not registered on a school roll and requires examination entry, Winchmore Tutors can liaise with registered centres and enter students as private candidates – this can cover GCSE’s, iGCSE’s, Functional Skills (L1-L2) and ESOL exams (pre-entry – L3)

Who can use our service?

Looked after children and unaccompanied minors: we work with more than 70 virtual schools and looked after children teams across the UK. We can provide supplementary tuition for all subjects as well as specialist tutors that work with pupils with additional needs.

Mainstream: We have worked with over 500 schools across the country providing supplementary and alternative provision for pupil premium led tuition.  We also offer tuition to gifted and talented students.

Our English as an Additional Language and English to Speakers of Other Languages specialists help unaccompanied minors from a range of backgrounds.

Inclusion and alternative provision: our tutors have experience working one-to-one with excluded children and those at risk of exclusion.

Behaviour support: our tutors work with children in mainstream schools and Pupil Referral Units who have behavioural difficulties.

Special educational needs: our tutors use traditional and new techniques to work right across the spectrum of need, teaching children with minor learning difficulties through to those with autism spectrum disorders.

Medical or physical needs: we align our tuition programmes with personal healthcare provision to support children and young people with special needs and physical disabilities.

Age range/key stages covered:

Key Stage 1 – Key Stage 5

5 – 18 years old (mainstream/UASC)

5 – 25 (students with EHCP’s)

Areas served

Winchmore Tutors have over 350 ready to work tutors located across England.

Are there any costs?

Tuition is £48 per hour, there are also additional costs if venue hire is applicable and/or examination booking is required.

There are no additional costs of tutor transport or resources.

How do I make a referral? 

Referrals can be made using either our own referral form or client specific referral form to

We would also ask for a copy of EHCP and any annual reviews if applicable to ensure the tutor can meet the needs of the young person.

What happens when I become an adult?

Our tutors can provide support to students who are due to transition into adulthood or a longer term placement.  Tutors have supported with written statements, written CV skills and all work completed by the student will be the student’s own (unless required for exam submission).

How do I find out more?

Further information can be found on our website.  

Email on or call 01628 484 737 and a member of our team will be happy to speak to you regarding any enquiries.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Winchmore Tutors Limited
01628 484 737
Winchmore Tutors Website

Where to go

Winchmore Tutors Limited
First Floor, James House
Mere Park
Dedmere Road
SL7 1FJ Get Directions (This link opens in a new tab)
Last updated: 19 Nov 2020
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