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Welbeing - personal alarm service

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At Welbeing we provide care and support services to vulnerable adults.

In its simplest form lifeline is a method of connecting you to our trained team of professionals when you feel vulnerable, at risk or simply want reassurance.

Often known as “Lifeline” the home unit simply connects to the telephone line, and works with a pendant. Once you press the button you come through to our friendly contact centre, open 24 hours a day, who will assess the situation and connect you straight away to the emergency services or friends and family if needed.

For those individuals who need more specialist help to remain in their own home, an enhanced range of telecare can help minimise risks such as a fall, fire, gas and flood detection and relate to other real time emergencies and lifestyle changes over time.

For our corporate customers we can provide additional services such as Out of Hours call handling, lone worker safety, telephone call checks and outreach and floating support.


Who to contact

Contact Name
01323 644422

Other Details


Table of costs
Table of costs
AmountCost Type
£3.68 lifeline pendant and unit per week
£37 install by engineer or £20 self -install Registration fee
£1.09 smoke detector per week
£1.29 CO detector per week
Service is Free


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Last updated: 03 Dec 2019
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