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Youth Health Talk

Young people's experiences of health & illness shared on film to help young people, families and professionals.  Includes real life experiences of: Depression and low mood, Diabetes, Epilepsy, Health + Weight, Long-term health conditions, Sexual health, Cancer, Drugs and Alcohol, Arthritis and Eating disorders.All interviews…

Yvette Rachel Goodman


I have over 20 years experience in working with children in various different settings. I have my NNEB and foundation degree as well as numerous other qualifications,  but most of all I love working with children and I love my job.  I have 2 children aged 9…

Zipadee Day Nursery Limited

Day nursery

Zipadee Day Nursery opened in 2011 and offers high quality care and education in a friendly, supportive setting. We offer children in their early years a safe and secure, educational, happy, fun day, where children are cared for by dedicated, qualified, friendly staff. The nursery has…

Zoe Chilton



Zoe LeGrice James


I am NNEB qualified and have been working with children for over 12 years. I have worked in various settings such as primary school, nanny and private nursery school. Stimulating activities in a safe happy environment. We attend local toddler groups.


Four week Zoom Course starts Tuesday 5 May 10.30 am. Learn techniques to settle your baby.  Particularly good for mums during this time.  Can also involve dad! Each week you will receive a handout via email so you can do the routine at home. You…


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