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Trinity Skills for Life

Trinity Skills for Life is a training provider and day care provision for young adults with learning difficulties/disabilities aged 18+ based in Stone, Staffordshire. Our varied curriculum offers students lots of opportunities to develop their skills in a supportive environment to enable greater independence and…

Tuesday Club, Knutton

All weclome for friendship and care. Tuesdays 13:00 - 15:00 We provide tea and activities, plus other social events and trips. £1.50 each week Please cotnatc us for futher details.

Tuneless Choir Stafford - Singing like no one is listening!

Singing is really good for us.  It gets the endorphins or “happy hormones” flowing.  Singing in a group is even better.  It has been shown to help people physically, emotionally and socially.  As well as improving lung function, research has shown it boosts the immune…

Turn 2 Us

There are so many reasons why anyone could find themselves struggling financially. At Turn2us, we know that often it's an unexpected event that can have the biggest impact on your life and working out where to get help can be very difficult. In a time…

Tutoo - find a tutor

Tutoo has a vast number of tutors spanning the whole of the UK. We offer both one-to-one and online tuition, and cover a wide range of subjects including Maths, English and Science. Our tutors are free to contact, and we also do not take any…

UK Addiction Treatment Centres (UKAT)

UKAT has private alcohol and drug rehab centres that are set in tranquil surroundings by the seaside, rural countryside or quiet villages our centres are strategically placed in idyllic locations to help aid the recovery process. We pride ourselves in providing the best care and…

UK Tutors

Start browsing straight away with UK Tutors to find a tutor that meets your needs by using the search feature on our website.  Just enter your postcode, level and subject you require tuition in, and we will display a list of tutors in your area…
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