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Mortgage arrears or problems paying your mortgage (The Money Advice Service)

If you're struggling with your mortgage repayments and can't get back on track - or are worried about losing your home, the temptation may be to ignore the problem. Don't. Use the Money Advice Service to find out what you can do and where you…

Moving safely around the home and neighbourhood

Equipment There is a lot of equipment which can make living in your house easier and safer. For some people, simple equipment like a walking frame or a walking stick may make a big difference. There are also larger pieces of equipment like portable ramps,…

Online forums

Online forums are a great place to have a chat, make friends and share your experiences and opinions.  Useful links to get you started are:  Age UK chat  Gransnet  Netmums  Twitter

Overweight and pregnant (NHS Choices)

Being very overweight, or obese, which is usually defined as having a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or over, is increasingly common. Around 15-20% of pregnant women are now in this category. Your BMI is a measurement of how overweight you are and is calculated using…

Parks and Open Spaces

Parks and open spaces can provide a different range of opportunities for getting active, playing sports, walking, exploring nature and socialising.   There are many diverse parks, gardens and open spaces to enjoy in your local area.  Where is my nearest park?  There are many…

Personal loans (The Money Advice Service)

If you want to borrow money and pay back an amount every month, a personal loan is one option. The Money Advice Service can tell you what you need to think about before you borrow and how to make sure you get the best deal…

Preventing falls and keeping your balance (Saga)

Find out more about your risk of falling and how to prevent falls by downloading 'Get up and go' - Saga's guide to staying steady on your feet. For further information, see Saga's website.

Protect against STIs - use a condom

If you're 16-24, you're more at risk of getting an STI. You don't need to have sex with lots of people to get an STI.  Many STIs are symptomless and, if left untreated, can cause long-term health problems.  STIs like gonorrhoea are becoming harder to…

Raising low self-esteem (NHS Choices)

We all have times when we lack confidence and don’t feel good about ourselves. But when low self-esteem becomes a long-term problem, it can have a harmful effect on our mental health and our lives. Self-esteem is the opinion we have of ourselves. When we…

Reducing sugar in your diet (Change 4 Life)

Visit the Change4Life sugar smart website.
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