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SEND Hubs - support for school staff

Teacher supporting pupil at school

Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) Hubs support school staff in their district to provide the right support to children and young people at the right time. 

Who attends the SEND Hub and how often do they meet?

The SEND hub is a group of educational professionals which includes headteachers and heads of support services. 

They meet every half term to talk about children and young people who they are struggling to support through the graduated approach.

What is discussed at the SEND Hub meetings?

At the meeting, actions and strategies are agreed to support the child or young person.   The relevant professionals will then go away and put these in place.

At the next meeting, they review the actions and discuss if they have worked.

Are the strategies suggested always successful? What happens if they haven't worked?

Sometimes the strategies are successful, sometimes they are not.

For those cases where they are not, the children or young person may be taken to the Locality Management Group.  This group is responsible for supporting schools with their most complex cases. 

Where are the SEND District Hubs?

We are currently in the process of rolling ‘SEND Hubs’ out across the county.

We already have a successful set of hubs in South Staffordshire and Leek.  We are aiming to have SEND hubs in all eight districts across Staffordshire by September 2020.

Where can I find further information about the SEND Hubs?

For more information about the SEND Hubs please contact the SEND Hub Coordinator, Paula Ricketts, at

What support services are available to schools?